•Blasting & Painting works for various surfaces and spaces

•Conversions, upgrades & refits

•Machinery, steel & piping works

•24/7/365 emergency repairs & shipyard services

Strategically located at one of Asia’s busy international shipping routes, LSE- with its versatile ship transfer and handling facilities, has been able to capture a sizable market portion of the region’s shipbuilding and ship repair (SBSR) industry. We are also situated near to the world’s second-busiest waterway, the Straits of Malacca, which serves as a major gateway for trade to and from Asia. The island of Labuan itself is just 1,500 kilometers from Singapore which is one of the busiest seaports in the world. With our strategic location comes the full cognizant that our clients may come from any part of the world, with various job requests that require a quick turnaround time. You can count on us for the highest quality and prompt 24/7 round-the-clock service to provide all the assistance and support to your crew and project management team.


LSE’s spacious facility enables repair or maintenance works of up to six vessels of substantial sizes to be carried out at any one time; of these, two could be carried out in dry environment and four afloat. The yard has experience in servicing a myriad of vessels ranging from small coastal crafts, yachts boats, tug boats, landing crafts, ro-ro ferries and floating docks, up to the heavy vessels such as cargo vessels, naval/fast patrol vessels, log carriers, coastal and product tankers.

As time is a very important factor to the operations of ships, you can dock your vessel alongside our jetty or keep it on dry dock at any time and utilise our equipment and facilities, and prompt round-the-clock service. provides This is possible as LSE is authorised by the relevant authorities and possesses the licence to operate its own private jetty. This combined with the ability to provide overall project management services to ship operators makes us one of most convenient single-source, all-in-one service provider in the region for the SBSR industry.


In addition to providing ship repair services for commercial vessels, LSE is experienced in and caters to the maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) needs of the various government naval vessels especially vessels stationed in the East of Malaysia, ranging from small assault crafts to the latest new generation offshore patrol vessels. With our strict security management system in place, your vessel will be safeguarded in the utmost highest standard.


Over the years, LSE has built up an impressive track record for building innovative, quality products for sea transportation as well as the oil, gas and energy industries. To-date, the yard has built a wide range of vessels, from the simple fishing trawlers to the more sophisticated and complex chemical and clean product tankers. These include the MV Bunga Semarak and MV Bunga Santian, both of which are 16,500-DWT palm oil/chemical tankers and the largest ever built in Malaysia. The yard chalked up a “first” record in the building of Al-Baraka 1 in 1994, a 97-metre self-erecting drilling tender barge. This sophisticated barge, considered to be the world’s most advanced drill tender barge ever built then, was the first such vessel of this class to be constructed by a Malaysian shipyard.

Situated in the oil & gas hub of Labuan, most newly built vessels consists of support vessels for the oil & gas industry such as large fleets of modern Offshore Work/Accommodation Vessels (OWAV) or barges and Platform Supply Vessels (PSV).

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Gallery of our accomplishments

Shipbuilding - Tanjung Piai 2 - 77M DP2 Diesel-electric Platform Supply Vessel (PSV)

Ship Repair - BIMA Rig & Hercules Rig

Ship Repair - MV Asia Success

Government Ship Repair - KD Kedah - ERDL

Government Ship Repair - KD Mutiara - Machinery Repair

Government Ship Repair - KD Pahang - Machinery Repair

Shipbuilding - MT Durrah - 45 Tonne Bollard Pull Shiphandling Tug Boat

Shipbuilding - MT Durar - 45 Tonne Bollard Pull Shiphandling Tug Boat

Shipbuilding - Kedah Cement 3 - 1 NO. 16,000 DWT CEMENT CARRIER

Shipbuilding - MV Bunga Semarak - 16,500 DWT Chemical Tanker